Welcome to Ebenezer Chapel, Yatton Keynell

Ebenezer Chapel is an independent Baptist Chapel built in 1835 in the heart of Yatton Keynell so that people of all ages from the village and surrounding areas can come and worship God. Though much has changed since 1835 the same message from the Bible of a Saviour is told week by week. People of all ages, whether religious or not, are welcome to come and hear this good news. For further information please email david@ebenezeryattonkeynell.co.uk

Service Times

Date AM Speaker PM Speaker
23rd January 10.30 am Mark Hope ———- ———-
30th January 10.30 am  Andrew Coxhead ———- ———-
6th February 10.30 am (Communion) Michael Paton ———- ———-
13th February 10.30 am Geraint Howells (SDHS) ———- ———-
20th February 10.30 am Nick Court ———- ———-
27th February 10.30 am Tom Wyatt ———- ———-
6th March 10.30 am (Communion) Colin Chapman ———- ———-
13th March 10.30 am Paul Stinchcombe ———- ———-
20th March 10.30 am John Maxwell ———- ———-
27th March 10.30 am Jim Short ———- ———-
3rd April 10.30 am (Communion) Andrew Jones 6.00 pm Rodney Price
10th April 10.30 am Michael Paton 6.00 pm John McNicol
15th April 10.30 am GOOD FRIDAY  Derek Cleave ———- ———-
17th April 10.30 am EASTER SUNDAY Trevor Brain 6.00 pm Jim Short
24th April 10.30 am  Douglas Shedden 4.00 pm TEA  Nick & Sheila Court (SWYM)
1st May 10.30 am (Communion) Nick Court 6.00 pm Alan Tarling
8th May 10.30 am Tom Wyatt 6.00 pm Trevor Brain
15th May 10.30 am Colin Chapman 6.00 pm Paul Stinchcombe
22nd May 10.30 am Andrew Coxhead 6.00 pm Mark Hope
29th May 10.30 am John McNicol 4.00 pm TEA  
5th June 10.30 am (Communion) William Brown 6.00 pm Colin Ryan & Union Chapel
12th June 10.30 am Phil Richards 6.00 pm Rodney Price
19th June 10.30 am Peter Creswell 6.00 pm Andrew Jones
26th June 10.30 am Adrian Rubie 4.00 pm TEA